Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Goal!

We do more then just “cutting metal”. Working closely with our customers allows us to optimize and improve our process to deliver highest quality products and services.

CNC 5-axis Milling:

Trying to stay current and competitive made us invest into the 5-axis milling. At first it presented some unexpected challenges but now we would not be able to go about our business without it.

Capabilities: Up to 32” Dia. parts, full 5-axis

CNC Milling:

Precision CNC Horizontal and Vertical Machining is the core of our business. Our equipment ranges form: standard 3 axis to advanced full 4 axis milling centers that can rotate work-pieces in .001deg increments.

Capabilities: Micro machining and parts up to 60” long

CNC Turning and Turn-Milling:

Our turning capabilities are extensive and range from very basic shapes to complex designs requiring multi-axis running and milling operation. Majority of these are done in one set-up ensuring highest quality and precision.

Capabilities: Up to 14” Dia.

Other Services:

  • Gear cutting
  • Welding
  • Laser Engraving
  • 3D Printing
  • Heat Treating
  • Finishing

Who We Are

Four Tech Industries, Co., is a well stablished and family owned company with experienced staff eager to take up new challenges. Our work is always changing, ranging from simple 2-D parts to complex 5-axis Aerospace parts. Utilizing new technologies, and the latest equipment allows us to stay competitive and ensures quick turnaround and fast delivery.

Working directly with our customers enables us to understand their design intent, identify critical to quality characteristics and then design tooling and processes that best fit the part requirements. From your typical machine component to Micro parts, tolerances that we can achieve are in the .0002” range. Some of the materials that we work with are: M2, S7, L2, D2, A2, Niobium, Inconel, Monel, SS17-4, SS303,304,316, PH4140, Maxel 3-1/2, HRS, CRS, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, etc.

Our Equipment

  • 5-axis

    DMG Mori DMU 85 Monoblock DMG Mori DMU 50

  • Horizontal Milling

    DMG Mori NHX 5000 Mori Seiki NH 5000 Mori Seiki NH 4000

  • Turn Milling

    DMG Mori NLX1500 Celos Mori Seiki NL 2000 Mori Seiki NL 2500

  • Milling

    Mori Seiki NV 7000 DMG Mori NVX 5100 Mori Seiki NV 5100 Mori Seiki Dura Vertical 5100 DMG Mori Eco 635 Hass VF3Y Hass VF3 Hass VF2 Hass TM1

  • Turning

    DMG Mori NLX2500 OKUMA LB3000

Quality Control